Creative is needed for so many tasks – especially writing and doing some other artistic work. However creative requires free-flowing thinking from brain. It requires the harmony between your left brain and right brain to work together. So how to get into this zen-state?

Chris Pearson hands you a way to get into creative zen, by stream-of-consciousness writing:

The premise here is simple: open up a secondary blog or blank word processing document, and commence typing!

As thoughts and ideas pop into your head, record them as fast as you possibly can. Hell, they don’t even have to make sense — in all likelihood, you’ll jump between topics so fast that you’ll look like Frogger trying to cross the road.

Remember, your right brain is the hub of creative thought, so if that side of your brain is controlling the writing, you’ll know because you won’t really be able to perseverate on one aspect of your central topic for too long. In fact, you probably won’t even have a central topic.

How to Find Your Creative Zen – [Pearsonified]

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