How to Explain Why DRM Is Bad

drm is bad dvd

The Listening Post at have a handy little article about explaining Digital Rights Management [DRM] to people who don’t get it or why it’s bad. There’s only a couple so it would be great to hear some of your suggestions for explaining this evil.

I want to watch an Egyptian movie for my Middle Eastern studies class. But it is region coded not to play on my DVD player, in an effort to stop piracy. Now I have to hack my DVD player and break the law to get it to play. The movie isn’t released in the U.S. This is the only version that was ever published. Since it isn’t published in the US, and it’s for academic purposes, I can rip it make copies for my classmates. That’s fair use. But since I have to break the DRM to copy it — I’ve broken the law anyway.

How to Explain DRM to Your Dad – [Wired]

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