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How to cook a great steak

Bruce Cole at Saute Wednesday has a quick tips on how to cook a steak. Bruce’s method is using slow and medium heat, which is a safer way to cook a good steak. The method that catches my eye is how he starts to cook the steak’s narrow side first – by standing it with tongs or something. He ensures this will render some of the beef fat:

… Now here is the part where people are going to look at you funny – start by standing the steak on it’s narrow side. That’s right, you’ll probably have to hold it up with tongs, but this step renders some of the beef fat while crisping it up at the same time. Brown all the fatty sides of the steak before laying it flat. Not only will the finished steak look more appetizing, but it’s now going to cook in its own flavorful fat, a rather perfect synthesis of meat methodology if you ask me…

I like steak and definitely I need to try it sometime!

Academy Award Winning Steak – [Saute Wednesday]

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