What’s in a name? Does it define your website or is the domain just a placeholder?

Like many others, I’m currently in the process of choosing domain names, and it’s no fun. Chris Garret simpathises in this article describing why he chose chrisg.com and what you should take into consideration when registering your domain.

When choosing a domain name there are some factors to consider:

  • How original and unique is it?
  • How descriptive is it?
  • What image does it convey?
  • Would you remember it after seeing it once?
  • Could you spell it after hearing it once?

Also worth considering is your market. Does the name appeal to or discourage your target audience? What are your competitors’ names?

Common sense and a fair bit of luck should land you a domain you can be happy with. And try not to make the mistake of therapistfinder.com, penisland.net and expertsexchange.com [Therapist Finder, Pen Island and Experts Exchange respectively].

Better Blog Branding: What’s In a Name? – [chrisg]

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