How to Become a Regular


Isn’t it great to be a regular of a restaurant and treat like a VIP there – having benefits that no one usually has – like discounts, warmly respected by staff, immediate seating arrargement etc? Well you can now with a guide by Grey Cerveny on how to become a regular. He has more than 20 tips on making you a regular on any restaurant you want. It seems mostly about good manners and don’t take their service as granted because you pay for it:

  • Visit the same restaurant three times in the first month, then once a month ongoing. These are minimums, visit more if you like.
  • Use your name and theirs. Hi [server], my name is [me]…
  • Use the restaurant for a party, catering, or other service.
  • Bring new friends (customers) and introduce them. Use this as an opportunity to stay in touch friends.
  • Tip 20% on the total bill (tax, drinks, everything) and round up to the nearest dollar.
  • Tip the same percentage, don’t over tip unless you plan to do it every time. (Over tipping is not necessary. )
  • Tip on free benefits, or you won’t receive them anymore.
  • Treat servers as if they have more knowledge of the menu items than you , because they do.
  • Work with the same knowledge set as the restaurant. (Know what sushi is hip and what is pop, what dishes are authentic and which are americanized)
  • Inquire about and order house/chef specialties.
  • Don’t ask for the owner if you don’t know him.
  • Advertising

How to Become a Regular – [Urban Monarch via Lifehacker]

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