How to Beat The Monday Blahs


Monday is usually a difficult day to pass. You may feel lack of motivation to do stuff on Monday compared to other days – mainly because it is the first working day of the week, and it becomes really hard to get back into the working flow if you relaxed yourself from the weekend. Tim over points out five things to tackle this issue and create a more positive emotion for the day:

  1. Schedule a meeting or make special lunch plans on Monday mornings.
  2. Go to the gym.
  3. Start something on Friday that you can finish on Monday.
  4. Take the work out of weekends.
  5. Get up earlier than normal on Mondays.

The third tips, Head start something on Friday so that you can finish a task quickly on Monday is a pretty good idea. The quicker you have completed a task on Monday morning, the faster you can reinforce by the sense of accomplishments, which can give you better traction for the day.

Hat tips to Tim for the news!

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