Keith over To-Done has dropped off a post on how to be a productive blogger. This is sort of post not only you can apply with his suggestions if you are blogging, you can also use them if are writing anything.

There are 13 tips which Keith provided. I particularly want to highlight this one:

Don’t fear failure. Through failure comes some of the most profound learning. Fear can really put a damper on being productive. I’ve found that it’s best just to keep moving forward and tackle the mistakes as they come. And they’ll come, regardless of how much time you spend worrying about them.

Do not let failure consume you. You won’t able to produce anything with fear.

For myself I had several ways to be productive on blogging:

  1. Note to my personal wiki if there are any good articles and information.
  2. Bookmark whenever I found a good web material.
  3. Mirror off any creative ideas to a piece of paper (usually my customized grid paper) on what topic to write, or what stuff should I made to improve the site.
  4. Set a scheduled time for my blogging.

Mind-mapping is the key. Once I drop off ideas from the brain, I won’t lose those ideas easily.

Be A More Productive Blogger – [To-Done]

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