How to Answer the Toughest Interview Questions


Caroline Levchuck at Yahoo! HotJobs shows you ways to answer tough questions in the interview. Some of them may sound impossible to answer, you probably want to know what interviewers really seek in the answer. There are tips for The ‘Future’ Question, The ‘Salary’ Question, The ‘Why’ Question, and The Seemingly Silly Question:

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? What if you were a car? Or an animal?

These type of questions can bring your interview to a screeching halt.

First, don’t panic. Pause and take a deep breath. Then remind yourself that there’s no “right” answer to these questions. The job isn’t hinging on whether you choose to be a spruce versus an oak.

Interviewers usually ask these questions to see how you react under pressure and how well you handle the unexpected. It’s not so important what type of tree (or car, or animal) you choose as that you explain your choice in a way that makes you look favorable.

So, be a spruce — because you want to reach new heights in your career. Or be an oak — because you plan to put down roots at the company. Either way, you’ll get it right.

How to Answer the Toughest Interview Questions – [Yahoo! HotJobs]

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