How-To: Add USB power to your alarm clock


A hardware hack featured by engadget catches my eye today. It is pretty cool and useful because you could run a little accessories with your alarm clock power (like USB fans, light etc). You could also charge up your mobile while you sleep without putting your mobile far away from your bed:

Alarm Clock with USB

Your machine is modded out. It’s got plexi hard drive windows, silent fans ,and it’s half refrigerator. The other appliances are starting to get jealous and it’s time to even the score. In today’s How-To, we’re modding an innocent alarm clock to provide five fine volts of USB juice right on the nightstand. Perfect for a bed-side USB fan on those steamy summer nights, a cheeky USB lava lamp, or, erm, a USB massager. Check it out.

How-To: Add USB power to your alarm clock – [Engadget]

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