How Their Sleeping Lives Affect Their Waking Lives


Stanford University Center of Excellence, William Dement has written a FAQ on how sleeping is affecting the daily life. He realized there are many Stanford undergradulates who have not get enough sleep and he saw the importance of educating students (and adults) on sleep. Here are some of the topics that he have talked about:

  • How much sleep do we need? What is sleep debt?
  • What causes us to feel sleepy?
  • America is a sleepy society.
  • What is the biological clock? What does it do for us?
  • Drowsiness is red alert!
  • What is sleep?
  • What are sleep disorders?
  • Should (you) Stanford undergraduates know about sleep disorders?
  • How common are sleep disorders?
  • Are student health physicians familiar with sleep disorders?

What All Undergraduates Should Know About How Their Sleeping Lives Affect Their Waking Lives – [William . Dement, M.D., Ph.D]

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