How Not To Take Work Home With You


The folks at Dumb Little Man read my mind when they got an email asking how to keep your work at work. I am a firm believer that work should stay at work and enter as little as possible into people’s personal lives.

keep work at work, vent

Obviously this becomes quite hard if you work A LOT. Thankfully this little article focuses on just such workaholics. It’s a list based on personal experience with some very good ideas.

Vent: Venting is the art of blowing your lid and we all do it. Once you get home after work and kiss the kids, give yourself a 15-minute window to let it out. You should set this up in advance with your spouse but leave the time limit at 15 minutes. During that time, they have to simply listen and let you get it out. After that, you must agree that work is over.

How to Leave Work at Work – [DumbLittleMan]

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