How Many Inboxes Do You Have?


Itzy Sabo has a good reminder on not only your in-tray on your desk and email inbox are your Inboxes. There are couple of them around you and you may not notice it – such as voicemail, notes in your palm, RSS feed reader and so on. I am sure you will agree with Itzy, there are too much unprocessed stuff accumlate and we should start integrate the inboxes together. I like his suggestion on avoiding Post-it notes:

… Another item I’ve eliminated altogether is post-it notes. These break all the rules of my system and compete for my attention when they are least relevant. If I have something I have to do today, it will be on the relevant list which I scan frequently. If it’s not so urgent, I can write it down in my notebook or create an item that appears in my email inbox…

How Many Inboxes Do You Have? – [Email Overloaded]

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