Over at Lifehack.Community, our reader anithri has posted a very interesting question on organizing electronic documents:

I have a collection of 200+ PDF’s, Word docs, text files…
It’s easy to find one if I know the name of what I’m looking for already, but opening a large number of them looking for what I’m currently interested in is getting very old very quickly.

What I’d ideally like is an application that allows me to “tag” my files ala del.icio.us or flickr.com and then allow me to pull up lists of all files with a particular tag.

I’ve found applications like Advanced File Organizer that sort of do what I want, but before I take the time to buy one of those and set it up with all my data I thought I’d throw out the question to others.

Any good advice or cool programs I’ve missed?

For Mac OS X Tiger, I know that Spotlight can be served as a tagging system. For Windows, Google Desktop may be able to do something like that. At least it can search for contents quickly after the document is indexed.

Do you have any other suggestions on helping anithri? Tell us over there!

How do I organize a large and growing collection of Electronic documents? – [Lifehack.Community]

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