Thomas came up with an idea on how to bind his Hipster PDA together. He called it flip-top mode:

I want to share my replacement for binder clips… Binder RINGS (aka, Loose Leaf Rings). The rings in these photos are 3/4″ rings by Acco and are widely available at places like OfficeMax and Office Depot.

I cut an unused plastic pocket folder into two slightly-oversized covers for the hPDA. You can easily read through the covers, but they provide a lot of protection for virtually no extra weight or bulk.

These rings open easily for sorting or swapping cards. Use two rings for a “flip top” approach or just one for the max in random access.

It has same protection as hardcover notepad, but it is very flexible to swap in new pages. Thanks Thomas, great idea!

HipsterPDA in flip-top mode – [Thomas @ flickr]

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