Hipster POD: Adding An iPod To Your Hipster PDA

Hipster Pod

Over at Podophile loves their iPod and figured a way to carry their Hipster PDA (index cards) along with their iPod. The integration itself is a big hack and involves using two index cards and some scotch tape to make a pocket for the iPod. Positively the size of both index card and iPod are accommodated with each other and it could fit into pocket comfortably:

Before we get started, I should share some of the requirements I decided on before working out my solution. First, I didn’t want the final size to be larger than the 3×5 cards themselves. There are several small organizers on the market with pockets that would accommodate an iPod and note cards, but they all end up being too big and bulky to comfortably carry in my pocket. Second, I wanted to have access to my entire front index card for writing, which meant no shoving a stack of cards under an iPod belt clip or constructing an elaborate web of rubber bands. Lastly, I wanted the solution to be as simple and inexpensive as the Hipster PDA itself. What I came up with not only meets all of my requirements, but also provides a nice surface to write on when holding the cards in your hand. You can make one of these in 5 minutes with things you probably have around the house. So let’s get started…

Hipster POD: Adding An iPod To Your Hipster PDA – [Podophile]

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