Hipster PDA Pen Holder Hack


Paul at Flickr has posted a very cool hack on adding a Plastic back cover with pen holder for Hipster PDA. First he found himself a notebook with plastic covers and a pen holder. With notebook open, draw a 3×5 outline and ready to cut it out. Finally you should able to clip your index cards to the cover. Very neat way on making a cover for your PDA, Paul! In additional, he mentioned to me that:

… I just made it this weekend, so it hasn’t undergone any field testing yet. I think it might make the unit a bit too wide to carry comfortably in a pants pocket, but it would be really nice if you carry the PDA in a bag…

Are there any good suggestions?

Hipster PDA Pen Holder 1
Hipster PDA Pen Holder 2
Hipster PDA Pen Holder 3
Hipster PDA Pen Holder 4
Hipster PDA Pen Holder 5

Hipster PDA Pen Holder – [Paul @ Flickr]

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