Hipster PDA + Moleskine


Jeff Torgersons is a hipster pda user, however one of the things that he does not like the way it clips all of the paper together. So he improved his setup by integrating his paper organizer to his moleskine:

… I decided to make an adaption on tons of peoples great ideas. I took the necessary pages I wanted out of the DIY Planner and made 4-up versions (small so they print 4 to a page) that when printed, were small enough to cut up and ‘use’ as pages in my Moleskine journal. I actually tape the pages in place in the back of the journal for projects, shopping lists, checklists, etc. Then I use the front of the book for notes. When my notebook is full, I can transfer my taped checklist to a new journal and continue. I use the pocket in the back of the Moleskine journal to store extra templates I may need and all is good…

Read more details and photos from his page. It is pretty good idea.

Jeff’s setup on Hipster PDA

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