Simon Kirby from Digital Zoo a series on photos on showing his setup on Hipster PDA. One of the unique feature that he did is using CD sleeve. It is a quite neat setup.

I have asked him on his setup, here is what he told me:

I got into Getting Things Done a couple of months ago and also came across
the Hipster PDA not long after that.

It reminded me very much of a custom Filofax arrangement I made in the
mid-nineties – right down to the binder-clip.

Fast forward to a month ago and I went to my local stationery superstore to
buy some 3×5 cards and found they only stocked lined cards. Which meant
Douglas Johnston’s excellent templates looked terrible when printed on them.

I also noticed that the HPDA templates seemed to suit people with tiny
handwriting… Not my large and ugly scrawl. So I designed a series of “Bare
Bones” 3×5 GTD templates in Microsoft Word that would actually work with the
feint ruled lines on the cards as well as allow space for my unwieldy
scribbles. And as a tribute to all those old filing card systems – and to
continue the retro groove – I designed the templates using an old typewriter

Looking around for container to carry them in, I settled for the ubiqutious
CD sleeve as a neat and disposable answer. This solution is so cheap, you
never have to worry about losing the BBHPDA (!) when you can easily make a
new one. I have also use two laminated inserts for extra strength, and I can
keep my current cards in the front and blanks in the back.


Copies of the templates can be downloaded from:

Bare Bones Hipster PDA & Binder – [Simon @ Digital Zoo]

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