Hidden Gems: The Daily PlanIt


Remember that really cool feeling when you were in seventh or eigth grade and you first heard a new band? You’d ask your friends, and they’d say, “Who?” And you’d think, YES! *I* discovered this band! Me! It didn’t matter that 300,000 other people had also “discovered” them, or that this was really their sixth album.

That’s how I just felt when I read around the posts at the Daily PlanIt.

There’s a series called “Discover U in Ten Steps” that really caught my eye. The list of steps for achieving this are:

1. Discover your heroes
2. Identify your strengths
3. Explore your skills
4. Examine your beliefs
5. Look at your values
6. Develop a mission statement
7. Learn about your personality and interests
8. Think about your talents and dreams
9. Tell your story
10. Express yourself

There’s a post for each of those steps, with information and insight by … well, I couldn’t find an author’s name on the site when I poked around. After poking around a while today, though, I realize some GTD and productivity superstars have already traipsed through there. Maybe they discovered Daily PlanIt too?

Discover U in Ten Steps – [Daily PlanIt]

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