Help! How do YOU Manage Your "Go-To Guy" List


People have unique skills and talents, and over the course of your days, you meet new people and connect to begin new relationships all the time. This means you also expand the very nature of your pool of people to consider asking for help from should a problem arise.

For instance, I met some new friends who have a great piece of software, but no marketing or sales experience. I immediately sifted through recent contacts and found a few people (both people I met at to ask whether their expertise matched these people’s needs.

In essence, I reached out to my small network of “go to guys” for help.

But as the list of contacts I make is growing, I find myself wanting to keep a simple, flexible database. Something that captures the contact information, maybe tags their skills, and keeps the communications log I mentioned yesterday.

How are YOU managing your list? How do you keep it clear in your head who might be helpful to different problems and opportunities that arise?

Share your personal methods with the other readers.

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