There is no much point to work if you are not enjoying your work and its environment. If there are no fun in the job, you may not have passion on the tasks, or the tasks are dull and repetitive. If that is the case, Keith’s suggestion on how to play at work can make you feel better and recharge yourself.

Short list of what he suggested are:

  • Have toys at your desk.
  • Do things backwards.
  • Get outside.
  • Wear a funny hat or outfit.
  • Reward with fun.
  • Compete.
  • Laugh and joke
  • Build friendships at work.
  • Play a practical joke on your coworkers.
  • Make a mental game out of your tasks.
  • Choose an attitude towards work that promotes fun.

I usually spend 20 minutes and playing pool or video games with my coworkers at lunch time, or else I have lunch with others. It is great way to recharge for the rest of the day.

Read through his detail suggestions. They are great tips.

The Power of Play at Work – [To-Done]

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