Matthew Cornell has written an idea on how to deal with meeting notes. You may have loads of meeting and taken a lot of notes. If you are not dealing with them, you may end up with pile of useless papers. Matthew found out if you are using Getting Things Done method, you should deal with the notes just like any other actionable items. He made an example on actioning this:

  • What is it? Meeting notes.
  • Is it actionable? Yes.
  • What’s the next action?”Harvest” the notes for items needing my attention.
  • Two minutes or less to do? It depends on how extensive/complex the notes are. If it looks like there are only a few items, I’ll go ahead and process each one into the appropriate bucket (usually a Next Action or Calendar/Tickler). Otherwise I’ll add an @Anywhere Next Action that says “process xx meeting notes”, and I’ll stick the notes themselves in my Action Support folder (which I carry with me).

Dealing with Meeting Notes – GTD to the Rescue! – [Matt’s Idea Blog]

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