GTD w/Emacs


Michael over at PigPog has gone deep dive with a project on Getting Things Done using the Emacs text editor (which is available for all computer platforms). It’s pretty intense stuff if you’re not already a user of Emacs, and he points that out. But we serve all types here, right? You might be a unix/linux fan and you might already use Emacs for everything. And if not, Michael’s post helps you learn as you go.

It’s all based around using the Emacs text editor, which isn’t the easiest thing around to use, even just to edit a text file. It balances a couple of elisp programs on top of that, too, which let you do all sorts of clever things, using nothing but plain text. If you’re geek enough, though, and the idea of keeping everything in plain text appeals to you, this is one fast GTD system.

GTD with Emacs Planner Mode – [PigPog]

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