GTD setup on BlackBerry with Outlook 2003


Steve over Productively Speaking talks about his Getting Things Done (GTD) setup on his Blackberry 7290. He really likes his Blackberry as it can let him handles all email, tasks, outlook notes, and telephone contacts, which all can sync to Microsoft Outlook 2003:

… My GTD tasks go in one folder, “TASKS” in Outlook. I experimented with using tags, but am back to using categories on the Blackberry. I am using a 5-level prioritization system as the top-level organizing paradigm for all of my GTD data. As I will further explain in new installments of my mini-course, i use “ACTIVE, and a 4-other level/tiers of priority for projects and next actions. I view “contexts” (@CALLS, @LOCATION, etc) as just a second-level tag that may be convienent to “cluster” actions for some data, but not as a top-level organizing concept …

BlackBerry GTD setup – sync’d to Outlook 2003 – [productively speaking…]

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