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GTD Resources *and* Free Tracks Hosting

Eric over at 52 Reviews has a post that offers a two-fer. He’s got a pointer to another article he wrote listing out ALL kinds of GTD resources (books, sites like ours, and all kinds of software help), and he points to an offer for free Tracks hosting. Tracks is a GTD software implementation written in Ruby on Rails, a shiny Web 2.0 language (framework) if ever there was one.

After posting my highly trafficked Getting Things Done, Resource Edition, I was contacted by a friendly fellow by the name of Kevin Rosenjack. He wanted to inform me that he and his company, Brightpool LLC, were currently offering free Tracks hosting (link to free hosting below, previous link to Tracks project page only).

One last note: Eric’s looking for a writer to help out on the site, so if you’re into this stuff like we are, give that a thought, too.

Free Tracks Hosting – [52 Reviews]

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