Nathan Womack wrote a article on Should You “Prioritize” Your Tasks? at Pocket PC Thoughts. He applied what he have learned in Getting Things Done and apply to his tasks list:

So, again, here’s my question… When you are at the grocery store, why do you have to scan all of these items (feeling bad that you can’t take action on most of them) only to find the Task of “Pick up milk”?
Why not use your PDA to create Lists that you want to look at because you know that you’ll be able to get something done? The actions on that list will correspond to the location and resources that you have, and allow you to make the highest priority decision at that time. You’ll actually be able to start crossing things off as “Done”.

For example, why not have a Call list, and an Errand list, and a Home list? Each list would have the actionable items for that location with the resources available there.

Should You “Prioritize” Your Tasks? – [Pocket Pc Thoughts via Jason Womack In The Life]

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