GTD Coach on Google Tools


Kelly Forrister, a facilitator and coach at David Allen & Co., shares her GTD system with Google tools. As she is a fan of Google software, she tries to integrate many tools, like Google Personalized Homepage, Spreadsheet, Calendar, and Mail into her workflow. A notable implementation is her Google Mail setup:

For Google Mail, I’ve been testing out a pretty straightforward approach. I created two key pending lables:
@Actions and @Waiting For

….then a label for each current project. When processing mail, if something is actionable or waiting, it gets either the @Action or @Waiting label as well as the Project label if it’s related to a current project. Every email gets archived after it gets labeled to maintain zero in the Inbox (because it takes less effort to work from a place of zero in the Inbox than to keep anything in the Inbox as your only reminder.) For non-actionable stuff that needs to be saved, it simply gets archived.

GTD and Google Tools – [David Allen & Co.]

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