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Greatest Tools #7: Tie Rod Separator

Tie Rod

Number 7 in the greatest tools of all time list is that weightiest of tools known as the Tie-Rod Separator. This hard forged tool is reminiscent of nothing so much as a giant tuning fork and its use will bring music to your ears. It is no less than twelve inches in length and has a great heft in the hand.

Here are a few of its greatest uses.

  1. Taking the slack out of a heavy chain.
  2. Prying open just about anything.
  3. Lifting a heavy door in place while working on the hinges.
  4. Lifting up on suspension springs while inserting a spring “helper.”
  5. Wedge it under the door of the motel and you won’t need to worry about visitors when you are traveling.
  6. Pop open that rusty toolbox.
  7. Stick the grip end into the ground and you can brace your rifle between the tines.
  8. Engage in Medieval combat.
  9. Impersonate King Trident at the “Under the Sea” festival.
  10. Separate a tie rod end, but it does a poor job of it.

What are your uses for this indispensable tool?

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