Greatest Tool #9: Big Ole Rock

The Rock

What is more useful than a nice hefty rock? You can almost always find one the perfect size (which is just a little bigger than your fist). Yes it’s primitive but it sure makes an “I’m all business” statement.

Look down this list and tell me you haven’t used a big ole rock for at least a few of these tasks.

  1. Body Work. Banging a dent out from inside your fender well.
  2. Door Scotch. Holding open a door.
  3. Helper. Pounding on the end of that oversized screwdriver.
  4. Persuader. Convincing the neighborhood junk yard dog to find his sport elsewhere.
  5. Secretary. Holding down diagrams on the hood of your truck.
  6. Coaching Tool. Using it to mark the defensive team players in flag football plays.
  7. Physical Science tests. Seeing how far you can skip a flat one across the lake.
  8. Emergency Access. Hiding an extra key in the bushes in case you lock yourself out. You thought I was going to say break a window, didn’t you?
  9. Fire Starter. Smack two of the flinty ones together and you can make a spark.
  10. Whetting Tool. Nothing manmade is better for putting an edge on a cutting tool.

So Caveman, do you have a favorite “rock” tool?

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