Yahoo + Google = ? Try this formula with GreaseMonkey. You can now mix the recently released Yahoo’s My Web 2.0 to Google Search now. This way you can able use My Web 2.0 easier when searching.

Add Yahoo My Web to Google Search

If you find yourself on Google occasionally and would like “add to my web” links on the search results, I have a Greasemonkey script for you!

First, you need to be using Firefox. Second, you need to install Greasemonkey. Third, you need to install the google add to my web script. Then you should see “add to my web” links on every result listed in Google search results. That’s all there is to it.

Put Add to My Web Links on Google – [Jeremy Zawodny]
Save time on Firefox with GreaseMonkey

Update: Thanks to Yogish – He have hacked Jeremy’s greasemonkey script to work on the latest google layout.

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