Google Command Line


It is more a geek tool but if you are familar with command line more, then Google command line tool may able to speed your search up. On top of normal search command, it also has some shortcuts for using Google services like translation, PDF search, specific OS searches etc.

  • /translate languages:language url – Translates text or an url using Google’s translate service. If you wish to translate an url, it must start with http://, otherwise it will be considered text.
  • /pdf string – Searches for documents in Adobe Portable Document Format (old Acrobat) .pdf
  • /linux string – Searches for pages related to the penguin.
  • /mac string – Searches for pages related to Apple©, Mac OS© and other Apple products and sites.

Here is the introduction from them:

Google Command Line is a command-line based interface to Google’s services. With it you have fast and easy access to many Google services, such as the default search, the image search, the maps, the language tools, etc. All in the best geek way.

Full command list are at the following link:

Google command line – [ projects]

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