Google Calendar Todo Integration

Remember the Milk with Google Calendar

Remember The Milk has added a support on integrating their software into Google Calendar, with add, edit, complete functionality on the tasks so you don’t have to leave your Google Calendar page:

We know that many of you are managing your tasks with Remember The Milk and your events with Google Calendar, and we thought it would be very cool if we could bring the two together. This new feature adds a small task icon to the top of each day in Google Calendar — click on the icon to:

  • Review your tasks for the day
  • Add new tasks and edit existing ones
  • Easily complete and postpone tasks
  • Review your overdue tasks
  • Optionally show tasks with no due date
  • See where your tasks are located on a map

There is a limitation where it could show only tasks with deadline. It maybe better to have another tab on all todo list but I know Google Calendar API isn’t support this natively. If your system is work around todo with deadline, this integration will be for you. Otherwise just like me you will need to wait for the next online PIM…

Add your tasks to Google Calendar – [Remember the Milk]

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