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Good, better, best money-saving ideas

Jennifer Lawler at has some advices on money-saving ideas for stuff like purchasing car, clothing, groceries, insurance, utilities and appliances. She also categorized into three different levels of money-saving tips:

… So we asked experts to provide a simple tip that will easily save money (good), another tip that might take a little more time or effort but which will save more money (better), and a more extreme tip that will help readers save the most — but which would require the most thought or effort (best). This way, you can pick tips that match your needs and your tolerance for frugality…

Exactly – usually when i want to save money – like doing car washing myself or shopping around for my insurance, I usually need spend my time to save the money. It is really depends on your priority and schedule. I wouldn’t want to save money if I have other important stuff to work on.

Good, better, best money-saving ideas – [ via Lifehacker]

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