GoalsGuy has a knowledge base of 22 articles which give some good tips and ideas on goal setting. Some quick tips such as using ten steps to achieving any goal, or ten thoughts on thinking are pretty good advices:

The Ten Commandments of Goal-Setting
Ten Thoughts on Why Everything Counts
Ten Preconditions of Personal Development
Ten Rules of Success in the New Economy
Ten Myths & Realities of Goal-Setting
Ten Insights on Failure
Ten Reasons Why People Fail
Ten Laws of Focus
Ten Steps to Achieving Any Goal
Ten Goals Worth Pursuing
Ten Mind Munchies from The GoalsGuy
Ten Questions You Must Answer
Ten Thoughts on Thinking
Ten Quotes on Reading
Ten Things Every Kid Should Know
Ten Exercises on Personal Branding
Ten Reasons to Use a Journal
Ten Benefits of Personal Coaching
Ten Benefits of a Mission Statement
Ten Rules for Effective Mentoring
Ten Personal Board of Directors Insights
Ten Knucklehead Zingers

Goal-Setting Tips, Techniques and Ideas – [GoalsGuy]

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