To be successful in your life, you must have some goals. Goals are important as it can clearly spell out what is your definition of “success” and it will help you to achieve it. As Abraham Lincoln says, “A goal properly set is halfway reached.

James posted a good article on Goal Setting 101. This should able to help you understand and get you started how to set your goals and the importance of setting deadline for goals:

… Our lives consist of a series of actions, and we decide what action to take next at each stage. Some of our choices may seem to be thrust upon us e.g. to go to work in the morning, but in fact are not. Not going to work may mean losing the salary, which may mean losing our home, or our status, and these things mean a lot to us. Consequently going to work is congruent with our values. We set a high value on survival, which going to work fulfils. Going to work may contravene our value of excitement, but excitement comes lower on our scale than survival. Other people may work differently. A goal, properly made, will influence our every decision, and will make sure that the experiences we have are in line with our values, avoiding the stealthy self-betrayal that goalless living guarantees. It makes dreams possible…

Goalsetting 101 – The basic but powerful way to get back on track – [MindSpires]

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