Getting Things Done (GTD) summary and use-case study


R. Emory Williamson-Lundberg has done a very useful whitepaper on GTD. This is one of the best organized summaries on tools and use-case for getting things done. It shows two different set of tools that can use with GTD mythology – HiFi – things like software, and LoFi – paper and physical filing stuff. The article has Mac OS X in focus but there are stuff that can be used for other OS’s as well:

… Since the discovery and adherence to a trusted system and getting as close to “mind-like-water” as I can at this present time, it is sometimes clear to me that some people don’t think I have enough to do. I think this is in no small part to me generally being happy, excited, and eager to lend a hand. I call this the Productivity Paradox.

I don’t instantly reply to every single email. I don’t accept every meeting invite. I am happy. I’m not balled up under my desk in the fetal position. I’m not in the office every night until 8pm. Therefore, I must be slacking off.

The problem with GTD, for me, seems to be that it releases so much stress and guilt from my psyche that people who do not have some sort of wicked workflow think I must be doing nothing. Fortunately, none of these people are my management, or I’d be in a lot of trouble. But having the appearance of a slacker is the kiss of death in my organization, and I don’t really have any advice for how to fight that perception…


Amen… Indeed, Emory, this is an erotic novel for an addicted productivity guy.

GTD LoFi HiFi Whitepaper – []

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