Getting out from under


Ellen McGirt of Fortune magazine editor has done an article on how today’s technology can overload and interrupt your work and flow. She gave some great stats and stories of information technology overload. Interesting but I will let you to read them yourself. The section that catches me is the practical tips that she mentioned at the end of the article:

  • Keep your meetings rare.
  • Show your technology who’s boss.
  • Give yourself a time-out.
  • Say no. “Sorry” isn’t the hardest word.
  • Delete.

Giving yourself a time-out is probably the best you can do daily. Give yourself and your brain an overview on what you are going to tackle – and make sure those are completed. This way you can make sure you are always on the top priority tasks – at least the stuff that you have planned for the day.

Getting out from under – [Fortune]

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