Getting into Flow


When is your productivity peak? For me it must be when I am fully focused into the task at hand – i.e. when I am in flow. Michael Buffington shares his ways of getting into the state of flow. He mentions couple of ways, mainly on isolation, environment and time:

– Pepsi. Sad but true, the caffeine seems to help steady me. I will feel the sugar crash in about 2 hours though, so this needs to be solved. Any more caffeine than a single 12oz can scatters me.
– Competition. When I feel like what I’m doing is in close competition with something else, I get a bit crazy and engrossed. I also get engrossed in games for this same reason.
– Approaching cutoff time. I have four hours to get good work done. Surprisngly, this is a powerful trigger for me.

Getting into Flow – [Michael Buffington]

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