Getting High Performance out of High Potential People


Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr, shares her notes on a presentation at O’Reilly FOO Camp called Getting High Performance out of High Potential People. From what I read from the notes, the presenter, Keoki Andrus of Intuit, delivered a presentation with quite a punch and great content. High potential people is hard to come by – and getting high performance from them can be hard as well. Couple of ways to motivate them:

  • Design and deliver “Right For My Business” solutions
  • Figure out what work activities turn them on and off.
  • Listen and Care.

Keoki also talked about some deadly deficiencies for potential people which should be taken or handled with care.

And then there is a section about top ten ways to build a passion. Unfortunately Keoki went right past the slide, so Caterina couldn’t drop down much notes for it – what a pity. I would be most interested on this topic – passion is the highest attribute on my “hiring the right person” list where it creates the drive and motivation for performance and productivity.

Notes from FOO Camp: Getting High Performance out of High Potential People – []

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