Get Organized: on Spices, TV, Mail and Conversation


Meryl Evans at her blog shares some quick organization tips on conversation, mail, TV, spices. To save time and be organized in a small little section in your life will add up and save you a lot of time in long run. I like her conversation hack (yup, I need to keep reminding myself to drop everything down, now):

You run into someone who asks you for information or gives you information that you need to act on when you get home — what are the chances you’ll remember considering all the things going on between running into the person and getting home? For me, not good. I use my Sidekick II to send myself an email with a reminder. No email? Enter the note into a cell phone or call your answering machine and leave a message.

If you use plain ol’ paper to write the note, be sure to put the paper with something that you know you’ll touch when you get home. Also, make sure it’s securely attached to the item.

What are your little hacks which you use throughout the day?

Get Organized: Spices, TV, Mail and Conversation – []

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