Achieve IT! suggests a way to motivate and gain traction on a stalled project. Identify what is the reason on stalling. Next drop down some very simple todo onto the list. The excitement will come when you complete those very trivial todo items and cross them off:

… Underneath the reasons, begin a simple list. Jot down everything you need to do to get that one stumbling block out of the way. Keep it ultra-simple. Write down the “baby steps” needed to solve this and only this problem. If you need to purchase a screwdriver, then you might list: 1. collect my car keys 2. drive to hardware store 3. Select the right screwdriver….

As you work through your list, check off the simple tasks as you go along. This is important – it is where the excitement comes from. As you knock off each little task, you make progress on the core hurdle. You will have your problem out of the way before you know it. You’ll feel like you’ve taken on and conquered your problem…

This is a great example on breaking down a problem into smaller problems, when you complete numbers of tasks, you will feel the resolution is progressing and conquering the problem.

Get Motivated With An Excite List – [Achieve IT!]

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