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Okay, I admit it. I’m obsessed wth developing new business for Flickr. I’m a passionate user. Isn’t that what people SHOULD be?

Here are some other ways to use Flickr as more than a “snaps of the kids and drunk coworkers” tool:

  • Pre-Trip Inventory– Take snaps of everything you’re about to put in your suitcase (post them as PRIVATE), and use the photo both when you get ready to leave your destination, and again when you finally arrive home, to ensure you have the goods.
  • Graphical Chore Reminders– The former kid in me cringes at suggesting this, but take pictures of the things that need doing around the house and email them to the recipients of the chores. Send those dirty dishes pics to your oldest son, and the front lawn photo showing the garden gnome submerged in a sea of grass your girl.
  • Fitness Reminders– Take a weekly photo of yourself (posted PRIVATE) and stick them in a set called “Progress.” Be habitual about it. It’ll show your progress on good weeks, and remind you to work harder on down weeks.
  • Thank You Material– Catch someone wearing that sweater that Aunt Flora sent you? Take a snap, and tag it “thankyou,” and include a printed copy in the holiday card you send Aunt Flora. (Hate the sweater? Snap a few that you’d rather have while out shopping, tag them “wishlist” and send those along.
  • Reminder Notes– Out at the local bookstore and you see that great book you wanted to remember? Snap a photo, tag it “followup.” Did you have a great meal in a restaurant? Take a photo of the sign when you leave. (Most folks have cameraphones, so this hack is easier than it used to be).
  • Advertising
  • Screen Captures– Don’t forget that Flickr isn’t just for photos. You can post anything that’s in JPG format, including screen captures, artwork, and what-have-you. Use it as a place to store visual clips of a project you’re working on, so that you can share those with the client. Show them your mockups of their web design ahead of time. Share a quick snapshot of your remote-office meeting with the other offices. Start a Flickr Group for your company and make it FRIENDS-only and private.

Did this spark any other ideas? Share them in the comments or send along mail to our tips at lifehack dot org email address. We’d love to get your thoughts.

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