Fun is the new Hard Work


Fred Gratzon is a wonder.

You need only read his bio on his personal website to get a sense of how deep the river runs here. His book, The Lazy Way to Success, with Lawrence Sheaff, is an account of how we’ve got it all wrong when it comes to how much work is required to be successful.

I had the chance to talk with Fred a week ago by phone (after several technological problems on my side prevented me from doing a podcast interview), and I came away thinking that this man clearly has it. He’s fascinated by finding the lazy way to achieve success. In this post from his blog, Fred talks about his theory of why business, to him, is play and not work. I’ll quote just a bit, and you can read the rest via the link:

I love golf. I love everything about it. I don’t think there is a more satisfying experience in all of sports than executing the perfect golf shot and watching the ball scrape the heavens to the joyful accompaniment of celestial hosts oohing and aahing their appreciation in four-part harmony.

Golf is a game. And games are to be played. So I play golf; I don’t work golf.

Check out the rest of his article here.

Does He or Doesn’t He… Work Hard – [Lazy Way Blog]

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