Free note taking templates and techniques

Advertising has made a page that full of templates for note-making:

Academic success requires various competencies, among them the ability to know and use a variety of tools and techniques to generate and organize information and ideas. I refer to the tools and techniques on this page as “notemaking” because “taking notes” is passive: just as we must make meaning, so we must make notes—in our head, on the page, and in our notebooks. None of the ideas here are new, though I hope the way I have designed these “school tools” helps you use them more effectively. To see how long people have been using graphic notes and Cornell Notes, check out these excerpts from Leonardo da Vinci’s journals. With few exceptions, the tools and techniques listed here are appropriate for all classes; many use them in grades as low as fourth and fifth with success, though I do not have exemplars. The tools here are intentionally free of directions because their intuitive design allows for multiple uses. Over time I will try to add more exemplars for the different techniques so you can see these different uses.

It is so amazed there so many different notes templates available for download such as Bookmarks for Critical Reading, Cluster Notes, Cornell Notes, Episodic Notes, Hierarchical Notes and so on.

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