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It is called The Laws of Motivation by Richard Denny. He mentions 9 laws of motivations that could give you some hints on what does it take to be motivated or motivate others:

  1. We have to be motivated to motivate
  2. Motivation requires a goal
  3. Motivation, once established, never lasts
  4. Motivation requires recognition
  5. Participation motivates
  6. Seeing ourselves progressing motivates us
  7. Challenge only motivates if you can win
  8. Everybody has a motivational fuse
  9. Group belonging motivates

Law 8, Everybody has a motivational fuse is a really interesting thought – we have to realize that everyone has different ways on switching on the motivation mode. Some people may be motivated by praise on their efforts, other may be motivated by participating into group discussion. Whatever it is, you want to find out each individual’s switch.

Thanks Will for the link!

The Laws of Motivation eBook – [Richard Denny]

Motivate to Win: Tested Techniques for Greater Achievement – [Amazon]

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