Free eBook: Fast Track Your Success and Happiness


Over at Achieving our Potential (And Beyond), Petra Rankin has released a ebook available for free download. It is called Fast Track Your Success and Happiness. It talks about topics of values, beliefs, responsibilities, rerceptions, behaviours and habits which are the key elements of fast track the positive results you can achieve in your life.

I read couple pages of the book and it seems like a pretty promising material:

… In your own life, your beliefs, perceptions and behaviours will determine the results you can achieve. Whether conscious or not, your beliefs will tell you what you think you are capable of doing. If a goal passes the beliefs test, you will have to behave in a way that works. And equally importantly, you have to make an effort to perceive things positively, not fall to the trap of doom and gloom thinking if something goes wrong …

Download Fast Track Your Success and Happiness – Achieving our Potential (And Beyond)

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