Four Learning Styles


Over at Parenting Ideas, it has an article series on learning styles. Different people have different ways of learning and getting information. There are four main types of learning style – they are Spatial/Visual learning, Tactile/Kinetic learning, Auditory learning, and Logical learning:

… The same things are true when we try to learn something that requires us to process information through different senses. Different people have different distinct ways of acquiring information. Some people are spatial/visual learners who learn by seeing. Some are tactile/kinetic learners who learn by doing and/or touching. Others are auditory learners who learn by listening and talking. The rest may be logical learners who learn by thinking. There are no right or wrong, bad or good learning ways. It’s just about preferences with which people are born. Of course, visual learners can also learn by talking and listening to other people. But they are very good at visualizing pictures and images. Thus using their sights or visualization to learn, they will learn easily and effectively. It’s also true to other kinds of learners…

For parents, there are four articles that helps you to identify your child’s learning style – to improve your child’s retention and make them feel more comfortable while learning:

  1. Is Your Child A Spatial/Visual Learner?
  2. Is Your Child A Tactile/Kinetic Learner?
  3. Is Your Child An Auditory Learner?
  4. Is Your Child A Logical Learner?

How to Help Your Child Learn to Succeed – [Parenting Ideas]

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