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Annie Fisher wants you to be ready, should you need a job. Her first interesting point is that while tech jobs are growing overall, location matters. She mentions in the US that California’s growth is slower than other regions, for instance. So, location still matters to some degree. When you finish the first page of the article, the next page lists out the 100 fastest growing tech companies.

According to NimbleCat’s latest figures, the top 10 metropolitan areas for new tech jobs are: Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Boston, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Dallas, and Atlanta. Note that only three are in the Golden State, the fewest since NimbleCat began counting seven years ago.

Though the article is fairly US-centric, the list of 100 fastest growing companies shows some worldwide players, and that might be of use to folks reading from other communities. There are certainly some interesting speculating to be had, based on the way jobs are trending into fields that weren’t so well representated in years past.

Where the Tech Jobs are Now – [Fortune]

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