Finding your Dinner Tonight with Recipe Search Engine


The hardest question comes from my girl friend is: ‘what should I cook for tonight?’. Same as you for your girl friend or wife? Tell me about it. Now with FoodieView, a recipe search engine, I can search ingredients we have in the fridge to find some recipe for nice dishes. For example, when I search for the word ‘chicken’, it returned with over 15,000 matches. I can narrow down the results by more ingredients, type of dishes, cuisine etc. Very handy and quick hack for finding ideas on your meals:

… Because it makes searching and keeping the recipes that you want much simpler.

Let’s say you have 3 favorite recipe sites that you regularly visit. Do you really want to visit each one and search for a recipe that you want? Then if you want to save a recipe for later, you have to login at each site, and visit each site’s recipe box to see which one had the recipe you wanted.

With FoodieView, you can search the major recipe sites all from one place, then save any recipes that you like in one central place.

Just use the FoodieView recipe search page to look for recipes you want. If you see one that you like, just click the “Add to Recipe Box” link…

FoodieView: The Recipe Search Engine

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