You work nine to five per day – you are successful on your day job. However sometimes it is just very hard to find time to handle your personal projects after work hours – such as personal finances. However you still have to prioritize your life to able to handle personal finance for successful life. Here are some tips: Terri at Wall Street Journal has written an article on finding time for personal finances:

… For my finances, that means scheduling a few hours once or twice month to tackle big decisions (researching where to invest for college, comparison shopping for insurance, updating my will), grabbing a half hour each week to take care of at least one routine duty (ordering a free credit report, dealing with paperwork for flex-spending account reimbursements), and grabbing a few minutes every day to fix problems and keep an eye on the books (monitoring accounts online, disputing a credit-account charge). And, thanks things like automatic bill payment, occasionally someone else shoulders the drudgery for me …

Finding Time for Personal Finances – [WSJ online]

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